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In addition to the technical skills, the material used is the most important basis for a good restoration.

It is not enough to buy current, new material. Often the colors do not match the original!

We have been looking and collecting all over Europe for over 30 years. In antique shops, flea markets, household liquidations and specialty shops. Even on bulky waste you can find historical materials that you can use at some point.

After decades of work, I have found my specialist shops at home and mostly abroad where I buy leather, felt, screws, shellac and other excellent materials. Always on site to choose the right one for yourself (and of course also to spend a few nice days abroad...)

Always true to the motto: Whenever possible, always replace the same with the same. And if something suitable is missing, the search begins before something not identical is installed!

Here's a little insight:
Info: Pages with gallerys with music played by M. M.
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